Improvement at MPA never rests. Whether assembling a starter, testing an alternator or answering a customer question, our vigilant awareness of quality provides the foundation for MPA’s culture – throughout all of our global facilities.

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy is more than just a catchphrase – it is our relentless commitment to quality in both products and services. This obsession with quality drives everyone at MPA to take extensive steps and create the highest levels of product performance and customer satisfaction.

• MPA’s engineering team routinely failure-tests starters and alternators - identifying potential weaknesses and re-engineering them to prevent similar failures.

• MPA’s frequently designs and builds its own proprietary test equipment - ensuring units are stringently tested to achieve TQM standards.

• MPA constantly seeks customer feedback and other quantitative data to identify opportunities for further improving our products and services.

As a result of these and other ongoing measures, we continue to achieve new levels of quality that are recognized by several organizations - setting new benchmarks for innovation within our industry.

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MPA re-engineers many aspects of the starters and alternators we produce for the highest durability possible. Every day yields another discovery within our 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art Technology Center. Working around the clock, our Tech Center advances our products to the highest standards for durability and performance in the industry.