MPA Releases New Video On Master Cylinders

Education is an ongoing initiative at Motorcar Parts of America, where we will use videos to provide insights into the parts we produce. This newly released video from MPA entitled “Master Cylinder: How It Works”, is first in a series explaining the basic functions of the auto parts manufactured at MPA.

In the video, MPA’s Technical Instructor Nelson Davis describes the Master Cylinder in simple terms detailing the hydraulic pressure that travels  through brake lines – a process that begins with stepping on the brake pedal and ends with the brake pad pressing against the rotors to slow and stop the vehicle.

To show the brake fluid’s journey through the brake lines, MPA used computer-generated animation created with Autodesk Maya 2017 to go inside the vehicle providing an X-ray view of the master cylinder’s internal parts in motion.

The goal in enhancing Nelson’s clear explanations with computer animation is to make the master cylinder understandable to just about anyone.

To view the video, please visit the following link: and be sure to take the time to look around our YouTube page for many of the latest video uploads provided by MPA.